Dive Into The Cheery Moody Soundscape Of Wingtip’s “Strangers”

Sad but optimistic

Photo: Evan Tetreault

LA-based artist Wingtip beckons us into a cheery waltz filled with moody undertones with his latest single “Strangers.” “It’s one of my favorite kinds of songs: downcast but a little optimistic in a danceably sad kind of way,” noted Wingtip’s Nicholas Perloff-Giles. “‘Strangers’ came together quickly but took ages to fine-tune, starting in a session with Peter Fenn and Jesse Mason and then finishing across a few different cities.” Enjoy:

“Strangers” is out now via LA-based label Independently Popular and is the first new music since 2019’s “Broken Bones” and “Happiness.” Stay tuned for more songs from Wingtip this year.