Global Network’s EP ‘Cool Moments’ Is Out Now

R&B x indietronic pop


Parisian duo Global Network has released their latest EP Cool Moments, a dive into the waters of indietronica that has been injected with the hues of R&B. From slow-burners like “Your Love” to breakneck intensities such as “Let Me Go,” the EP is a back-and-forth waltz with both rapture and heartbreak on the dancefloor. In “The Flow,” it feels like the duo is tiptoeing frissons into your system whereas in “Rampage” they flood you with a wave of syncopated euphony. The penultimate track “Want You” pull our strings of desire while the grand finale “Care 4 U” take you from serene waters of electropop to cathartic buildup:

Loris Sasso and Nils Peschanski are the masterminds behind Global Network who both grew up in the Parisian suburbs where they started experimenting with music at an early age. They started Global Neetwork back in 2018 drawing influences from artists such as Erika Badu, Frank Ocean, and Justin Timberlake. “We like new and different experiences,” they shared reflecting on their project. “We were looking for something fun with a touch of naïve ambition, like an import export business planning to take on the world from its base in the Gare du Nord. It doesn’t bracket us in any particular style. But also, over time, it’s also become about our desire to connect with people through our music, and to live new experiences.”