The Endorphins’ “Parachute” Is A Laidback 90s R&B Throwback

A slo-mo look into infatuation

Photo: PR courtesy

Swedish sibling duo The Endorphins return with a slow-burning titled “Parachute” where they throw us back to the 90s R&B era. Soaked with crystal-like synths, “Parachute” illustrates the inexplicable and overwhelming desire towards someone – which can feel like a blissful curse at times:

“We wrote the music five years before we wrote the lyrics. It’s a song simply about falling head over heels for someone. When you feel like everything is moving very fast and you can’t control it. You just wanna be with that someone and nowhere else. It’s kind of scary and amazing at the same time,” shared the duo.

The duo is currently working on their upcoming EP.