Wayley’s “What’s It Gonna Take” Is For Those Fresh Out Of A Breakup

You decide to cry or celebrate

Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Toronto-based artist Wayley shares his own reflection on a shitty relationship in his latest single “What’s It Gonna Take” where he pleads to a half-assing partner to actually be…a decent partner. The track is filled with upbeat hooks that seem vaguely moody and cheery at the same time, letting the listener interpret this emotional haziness in their own way. If you are still sad or finally relieved about your breakup, this is the track that lets you cry or jump like a child:

On his latest single, Wayley shared: “This song is a note to a lover, asking them to grow up and be real. Do they truly want to be there? Ultimately, it is the story of begging one’s significant other to be the person and partner that they need them to be.”

Andrew Sherrif is the guy behind Wayley who started his solo project in 2018 as an Americana artist. He’s currently working on his upcoming EP.