Cinzia & The Eclipse Takes Us To The No-Ex Zone In “Don’t Call Me Up”


Photo: PR courtesy

There are times when we wish texting didn’t exist – especially when it comes to our exes. Cinzia & The Eclipse takes us into that moment when an ex reaches out unexpectedly in her new single “Don’t Call Me Up.” It’s a meditative piece where Cinzia turns that unpleasant text experience into a self-empowering one while also admitting being shaken by it. “‘Don’t Call Me Up’ came to be after an ex messaged me with an old memory of us. We both knew whatever we had was done. He moved on, but I’d be lying if I said I did at that time,” the gal shared. Stream below:

“This song was ignited by anger and sadness, but it captures a little bit of a boss moment through the strength at its core. ‘Don’t Call Me Up’ is telling yourself that you’re going to be stronger than your sadness and be able to overcome it,” she added.

“Don’t Call Me Up” was produced by Lucas Liberatore and is available everywhere.