Riccardo Chiarion’s ‘Quiet Stories’ Is A Jazz Record To Savor While Chilling

Meet the Italian jazz artist

Photo: PR courtesy

Hailing from Gorizia, Italy, Riccardo Chiarion crafts jazz music that takes you into an introspective state while also letting your neurons Xanax-out over its soaring harmony. His latest instrumental record, Quiet Stories, is a 10-track symphony of contemporary and chamber jazz where Riccardo adds his own flair. The opener “Delicato” kicks off with a slowcore sound that undulate between dreamy riffs and mesmeric haze.

“Green” takes off with slow-burning chords where Riccardo toys with minimalism. In “Hidden Blues,” the propulsive basslines and guitar chords feels like it’s fading and running towards you at the same time. Riccardo moves on from this emotional serenity to a moodier state in “Sentimentale,” which radiates an undeniable sense of longing. It is a rare melancholic moment where the listener gets to indulge in nostalgia and perhaps tap into certain heartbreaks.

There is a sense of tiptoeing waltz that is present in “Your Lives,” a piece built on intricate interplay of guitar strings that is flecked with subtle funk details. In “Piccoli Passi,” Riccardo throws us into a soundscape that feels somewhere between meditation and elegance. It’s the type of track you would imagine hearing at a café while sipping your drip coffee unhurriedly. The following track “Meetings” exudes a more romantic tone where you get to luxuriate in the laidback melodic delivery that lets you think about loved ones, friends, and even frienemies.

“Again” has a youthful charm to it as the tune totters between the dance and daydreaming through its buoyant strings. In “Fields and Sky,” Riccardo takes you on a smooth journey where you can’t help but to luxuriate in the pure chillness of the slowcore harmony. The final piece “Silence” encompasses Riccardo’s dexterity in using simplicity and minimalism to capture the same comfort we find in serenity through his instrumental craft.

Riccardo Chiarion has previously collaborated with many renowned jazz musicians and played across various jazz festivals. He also teaches guitar at Trieste ‘Guiseppe Tartini’ Conservatory and has served as the artistic directector at the Gorizia Jazz Workshop since 2006. Quiet Stories is Riccardo’s latest solo record and was released on January 10th via Drawnmusic.