STACEY Quenches Our Escapist Fantasies In “Far Away”

A perfect apocalyptic anthem

Photo: Kristy Benjamin

With a pinch of omen and overdose of dreaminess, Toronto artist STACEY sweeps us into the starry-eyed world of our own imaginations in her new single “Far Away.” There is a weird, gut-wrenching element to the song where beneath all the romanticism, there is an undeniable sense of moodiness that derives from the fact that our imagination can only serve as temporary remedy – yet it’s necessary to survive. “‘Far Away’ is a dream escape from the vast darkness and sadness of the world. I wanted to provide the listener with whatever comfort and understanding I could — and a break from reality. While it feels very strange to release music at this time, it also feels like the right time to send out offerings of healing,” she shared. Enjoy:

On her video, the gal shared: “I had always imagined a 1960s film with a hot air balloon adventure for this song. Between the intro chimes and the Beach Boys-esque drum shuffle, the vision arrived fully formed. I’m so thankful to my team who really brought it all to life. The balloons encapsulate the song so well, tonally and thematically. I have a pretty significant fear of heights but conquered it for this video! We may or may not have snuck into a hot air balloon festival. 10/10 would balloon again.”

“Far Away” is from the gal’s upcoming debut album Saturn Return, which will be out this fall.