Tia Gostelow’s “Psycho” Is The Sound Of Insanity Creeping In

Laidback pop

Photo: PR courtesy

Tia Gostelow nestles us into that weird, mentally-wrecking moment when we start feeling like we’re going insane in her new single “Psycho,” an eerily warm single filled with glimmering riffs that addresses the self-blaming mentality we often slip into unintentionally. “Psycho” is an anthem that showcases how we drive out own sanity to the verge of nervous breakdown when we let other people convince us that we’re the source of the problem. Hint: we are not, they are, and play this:

On her single, the gal shared:  “I constantly thought I was the issue, that everything was my fault and I kept apologizing for things that I later realised weren’t my fault at all. I feel like when you are in these circumstances, sometimes it feels like you’re going insane, I felt like I was turning into this psycho person and it seemed like nobody else saw where I was coming from.”

Tia is currently working on her sophomore album with producer Oscar Dawson (Holy Holy, Alex Lahey), which will be out this year.