Gaygirl’s EP ‘Pleasurehead’ Is Out Now

Time to rock

Photo: Cali Titmus

South London duo Gaygirl has unveiled their latest EP Pleasurehead, a collection of four anthems that are sharpened by the edginess of grunge and infused with the spirit of rock. It has a raw energy to it where the duo unapologetically radiates hefty emotions into explosive bursts. Smash the play button:

“Whilst the EP doesn’t have a concrete concept or overriding theme, we still wanted it to feel like a journey in the way that it develops,” singer Bex Morrison explained. “Each song has a different narrative, but the thing that ties them all together is the subject of control; whether that be feeling out of control, being controlled or trying to control a situation. We felt that the title Pleasurehead fitted the body of work as a whole; it’s the state of mind of finally losing all control. It was also important to us with this EP to show a different side to the band in contrast to our earlier singles and push ourselves as musically as possible, we’re all really proud of the finished product.”

Pleasurehead is out not via Permanent Creeps.