Marble Empire Taps Into Broken Nostalgia In “Hold Me Up”

Indietronic pop

Photo: PR courtesy

London artist Marble Empire addresses that weird, mesmeric pull towards an ex in his latest single “Hold Me Up,” an upbeat soundscape where he admits the toxicity of such indulgence yet the emotional helplessness of it. Nestling us between love and hate, “Hold Me Up” is a bittersweet dance that unveils the complex chemistry between two people even in the aftermath of a breakup. Stream below:

On his new single, Marble Empire shared: “When I broke up with my ex, I couldn’t help myself going back to her for about a year after. I’m not sure what drove it, perhaps longing for familiarity or some kind of broken nostalgia. Either way despite disliking her so much I just couldn’t stop myself from going back and meeting up with her. I think a lot of people can relate to that. You get so caught up in the good memories that you have of each other you forget about the bad and question your decision. That’s what ‘Hold Me Up’ is about.”

Matt Berry is the mastermind behind Marble Empire who launched his project back in 2017. Since then, he’s been making waves across the press and playlists. Be on the lookout for more beats from him this year.