DMA’S “The Glow” Pretty Much Sums Up Our Lives Right Now

From their upcoming album ‘The Glow’

Still from DMA’S – The Glow (Official Video)

As we navigate through endless flood of changes, DMA’S offers us a track to find comfort in and even some therapeutic release titled “The Glow,” the title track of their upcoming album scheduled to be out on July 10th. Built on slaughtered riffs and howling choruses that slice right through your eardrums, “The Glow” is an adrenalin-kicking piece that captures all the aggression, confusion, and acceptance that we experience in face of change. Enjoy:

On the single, singer Tommy O’Dell revealed: “Some parts were written when we were going through break-ups and others were written more recently when our lives were very different. For me it’s a snapshot of where we were and where we’re at now. That’s the reason why it’s one of my favourites.”

DMA’S are Tommy O’Dell, Matt Mason and Johnny Took who formed in Sydney and released their debut EP back in 2014. Stay tuned for The Glow this upcoming summer.