feeo Dissects Human Bond Through Mythological Lens In “Yeti”


Photo: Dani Germade

Oxford artist feeo analyzes relationships in her latest single “Yeti,” a myth-inspired piece that where feeo’s silvery croons paired with the sultry production yield a celestial soundscape. It is both a psychological and metaphysical dive into the concept behind relationships with others and within ourselves that lets us rediscover our sense of self. The video, created by Kathryn Attrill, is an abstract exploration of our subconsciousness and physical identity – enjoy:

On her new single, feeo shared: “‘Yeti’ is an exploration of the multiplicity of the human ‘self’ and its relationship with our concepts of ‘other’. Using a myth based narrative, I wanted to look at the subconscious, primal self and depict the duality between this and the real world. I was particularly interested in looking at the parallels between myth and reality and the idea that myth is a projection of our deeper human selves.”

Stay tuned for more music from feeo this year.