Kadeema Taps Into The Risky Era Of Modern Conversations In “What Are We Not Saying Now?”

Voicing your opinion is a tickling bomb

Photo: Denis Lipman

In an era of constant scrutiny and social media trials, communicating with others – especially voicing out your thoughts – can be a risky move. Kadeema, aka Jimmy and Tal, addresses the blurry zone of what is deemed ‘appropriate’ or not in their new single “What Are We Not Saying Now?” It’s an upbeat pop piece built with rocking riffs where the duo explores our tendency to judge each other and even exile some people to the dark offline corners for their opinions (lasts like ~6 months). Stream below:

On the single, the duo shared: “The age we live in makes speaking one’s mind a little too dangerous, be it to your friends and loved ones or to the world. True honesty is perceived as aggressive behaviour. This song explores whether we may have swung the pendulum too far, making it so that we’re afraid to speak to each other for fear of the consequences.”

The track is from the duo’s debut EP Napoleon Tornapart, which will be out on June 26th.