Say Hello To Your Perfect Friday With Manna’s “Sundress”

Friday from future

Photo: Harmony-Angel Cummings

London artist Manna illustrates the perfect Friday with a loved one in her debut single “Sundress,” a soulful piece weaved with elements of 90s R&B. It’s a heartwarming, laidback piece that is filled with starry-eyed air where the Jamaican-Lebanese songstress builds her own reality with a sultry flair. It’s the track to lounge to on a lazy day where you’re taking time for yourself or with someone – enjoy:

“When I wrote ‘Sundress’ I was visualising my life with my husband in a beautiful home, we’re both working from home on a Friday,” she continued, “my music is very much about love, intimacy and sex – that’s because it’s personal, it’s so powerful. A good song that you can slow whine to has the capacity to make my day so bright and that’s what I love to share with the world.“

Aside from music, Manna is a model who has worked in various international campaigns and editorials. Stay tuned for more beats from the gal this year.