Silver Liz Teaches Us The Art Of Foil Tanning In “Microwave S’mores”

Yes, that’s the name of the song

Still from Silver Liz – Microwave S’mores [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Chicago-based duo Silver Liz, aka Carrie and Matt Wagner, takes tanning to a luminescent level with aluminum foil in their video “Microwave S’mores.” Drenched with hefty dose of guitars and glimmering synths, the track embraces introversion as the swooning melody sweeps us into the dreamy state. Enjoy:

“‘Microwave S’mores’ is about embracing the tendency to be a homebody,” shared Matt. “When I showed one of my friends the song, he asked ‘you okay, bud?’ The lyrics are not meant to be depressing and it wasn’t out of irony that we chose to put them with music that is light and in a major-key. The music suggests that the lyrics are a celebration of accepting your introversion.”

Carrie added, “The song, which we actually wrote last year, is called Microwave S’mores and it’s about wanting to stay indoors. Considering what’s going on in the world right now, we think this is the perfect time to release it. Of course, many of us are desperately wanting to go outside these days, but this song might help some remember all the times they wished they’d had an excuse to stay in.”

All proceeds from the single will go to MusicCares’ COVID-19 Relief Fund.