Eades’ “Forget What You Want” Is A Breezy Drive Through Our Despair


Photo: Eades

Leeds-based quintet explores the dark waters of anxiety and despair that lies in our inner psyche in their new single “Forget What You Want.” Written by vocalist Harry Jordan and a long-time friend who has struggled with addiction, the track is characterized by airy percussions and dreamy harmony whereas the heavy-hearted lyrics address dark themes. It’s deceitfully breezy on the surface, but once you start digesting the lyrics, the song offers a dark portrait of how our lowest moments can haunt us incessantly:

On the track, Harry’s writing partner shared, “It’s about a malcontent mind, who whilst trying to sleep, without the distractions of day to day life, gets caught up in an abstract etiological search for the root of all his current problems. The chorus refers to how dark moments are often more formative than happy times: you simply experience and enjoy happy moments, whereas dark moments can linger, stew and twist you irrevocably.”

Harry went on to add, “I have worked with him in the past and have always found his way of writing incredibly honest and raw whilst being able to deliver the message in such a colourful way. The song was influenced by Synecdoche, New York’s funeral poem and a quote from Don DeLillo’s Underground. The chorus also references Cormac McCarthy’s, The Road.”

The track is from the band’s upcoming debut EP Microscosmic Things, which will be out on July 10th via Bam Bam Records.