Evenson’s “SOS” Is For All Of Us Who Don’t Need & Want To Be Boxed


Photo: PR courtesy

Evenson delivers a self-empowering boost with his latest indie single “SOS” where he celebrates being aligned with his own vision and not letting external noise hinder his path. It’s a song that destroys stereotypes and defies being boxed into certain categories and expectations that limit our ways. Soaring over the breakneck harmony, Evenson injects us with his own unapologetic energy that floods into our system. Enjoy:

Speaking of the inspiration behind the single, “I wanted this song to feel like three minutes of an auditory form of ego death, I want the listener to know that I’m going to stay true to myself and that I’ve finally gained my confidence to be the artist I’ve wanted to be all along, leaving behind a trail of dead bodies / doubters in the end.”

Stay tuned for more drops from Evenson this year.