Kid Dad Illustrates The Perfect Mental Breakdown In “A Prison Unseen”

Rock it

Photo: Max Zdunek

German band Kid Dad captures the explosive and self-destructive body language of our mental breakdown in their latest video “A Prison Unseen.” It’s a cathartic rock anthem that lets you vicariously pour out all the frustrations, creeping anxiety, and haunting insanity that you’ve been hoarding in these past few months. And while you should never try anything from the video at home, there is something highly satisfying watching that pent up aggression loose:

On the single, vocalist and guitarist Marius Vieth shared: “‘A Prison Unseen’ is about loss of control and a lack of self-restraint that can be invisible to the world around you. The protagonist puts his threatened mental well-being over his physical body and embraces the possibility of an utter loss of his senses.”

The track is from their upcoming debut record In A Box, which will be out on August 21st.