Lauran Beth Addresses The Destructive Nature Of Apathy In “11 Years”


Photo: PR courtesy

Irish artist Lauran Beth taps into the toxic nature of our apathy towards climate change in her latest single “11 Years.”  It’s a moodily reflective piece where Lauran toys with both chest-swelling ambience and haunting undertones to yield a sound that is uplifting yet pensive. Through “11 Years” Lauran brings into light the impact that our mutual ignorance have brought to us so far while encouraging us to start acting:

“‘11 Years’ is a song about climate change and society’s ignorance towards it. The song describes the selfish acts that humans have taken which has led to the climate emergency that we all face today,” she shared. Lauran is a multi-instrumental artist who, despite being borth without her left hand, kicked off her career in 2016 on YouTube by doing viral covers and originals. Since then, she has been making waves across the major press and badassing her way across the industry. Keep the gal under your radar for more frissons this year.