LOVER’s ‘It’s A Wild World’ Is Your New Survival Record

An exploration of sounds, styles, and human survival

Photo: Jayemol & Golden Vessel

Aussie artist LOVER has finally unveiled his latest record It’s A Wild World, a compilation of five tracks that ranges from themes of existentialism to heartbreaks that center around one theme: survival. No matter how much shit the universe throws at you, life goes on. “It’s A Wild World is a title I had been playing with since late 2019, It reflects the time in my life and the diverse sounds that are on the EP. With each week going past I feel like it just became more and more relevant to the world around us as well,” he shared. Enjoy:

LOVER further added, “Lyrically all the tracks have a reassuring theme, pushing the idea that even though It’s A Wild World we’ll still make it through. I was finding myself writing more and more songs that had this positive drift and decided to lean into it. I tried not to overthink it and there’s something comforting about being able to sing ideas in their purest form. Whether the lyrics reflect things I’ve been through, other people have been through or that are fictional is open to interpretation. I like the idea of the audience to get their own meaning and experiences from songs. I hope you enjoy!”

It’s A Wild World is out now everywhere via Mammal Sounds Records.