Baseball Game’s “Woman” Is A Highly Chill Waltz With Infatuation

Bye bye reality

Photo: Blythe Colvin

Baseball Game, the collab project between Adam Carpenter and Jason Bennett, gives us the ultimate slacker pop to escape reality and daydream with our latest subject of infatuation in their new single “Woman.” It’s a downtempo piece where the howling choruses and gauzy strings dissolve away any worries, to-do list, and anxiety so you can take the time to just chill in peace. Enjoy:

On the single, the duo explained:

“‘Woman’ originated from a demo made last spring. We wanted the song musically to feel like we were in a trance, the same way we felt when watching random YouTube videos of people dancing to slow disco from the 70s without sound. Lyrically, it ties into our other songs but with more of a present day perspective on a relationship. It talks about being infatuated with another person that you’re either in a relationship with, or possibly pursuing one. Another take on it would be trying to fill an empty gap and finding a source of excitement/happiness for a moment in time, when you haven’t felt it. Doesn’t necessarily mean we’re talking only of a relational idea. This could be anything that acts as a distraction that you don’t mind being distracted by.”

The track is from their upcoming self-titled debut EP, which will be out on August 7th via House Arrest.