Be No Rain Explores Nocturnal Loneliness In “All Night, Right?”

Sad disco waltz

Photo: Hollie Fernando

London-based artist Be No Rain boxes us into that rare instance when nightlife vices start becoming a lonely existential void in our souls in his latest single “All Night, Right?” It’s a feeling you get as you approach your quarter midlife crisis, start signing up for morning workout classes, and spend more money on wine than cheap alcohol. No matter how surrounded you are by new faces, you just feel alone. The video, co-directed and produced by Aoife Blair and Jacek Zmarz, captures Be No Rain experiencing a major existential moment during one of his night endeavors:

“‘All Night, Right?’ began life as a jaded song,” Be No Rain begins. “I wrote it at a time when I felt like I’d experienced every iteration of nightlife available to me. It was about feeling unbearably alone in a crowd, how experiences endlessly repeated and how even new faces seemed eerily familiar. It was also about coming to terms with the fact that being more restrained and abstemious was making me feel better than I ever had. Ever precocious, at the time I thought I was standing on the threshold of maturity and that my youth was receding. Now I see it as a more hopeful moment, a farewell to a certain kind of youthful abandon and a realisation that a degree of self-care is a gateway to new experiences and an escape from certain destructive cycles.”

The track is from Be No Rain’s upcoming debut album Strawberry Backstory, which will be out later this year.