Honey Lung’s EP ‘Post Modern Motorcade Music’ Is Out Now

A record of growing pains

Artwork: PR courtesy

London quartet shares their journey with changes – both individual and as a band – in their new EP Post Modern Motorcade Music. The record focuses on the growing pains where the quartet address both the lows and growth that comes with it. Dipped in the hazy shoegaze ambience, the 5-track record radiates the sharp rawness of alternative rock while also letting our thoughts float between the past and present. Stream below:


On the EP, frontman Jamie Batten explained:

“The EP is very close to our hearts, a lot has happened in the past six months and it quickly became something that we wanted to create with care and time, thinking through it bit by bit until it was finished. As a band things have changed, and as we get older we realise that our views and our experiences have influenced our music and impacted the stories we tell through these songs. I guess you could say Post Modern Motorcade Music is somewhat of a coming-of-age EP, it really brings into focus the hardship you go through, and the responsibility of becoming an adult and the relationships with your friends and loved ones that go with that; the good, the bad and the ugly.”

Post Modern Motorcade Music is out now on all digital platforms via Big Scary Monsters.