Lionel Boy Transports Us Back To Our Childhood Summer In “Summer Fun”

Breezy pop

Photo: Basil Vargas

Hawaiian native, Long Beach-based artist Lionel Boy pays homage to his childhood summers in his latest guitar pop single “Sumer Fun.” It’s a piece that breezes seamlessly into your system, just like Xanax, and gives you this weird sense of familiar comfort as Lionel Boy captures that naïve vibe through the warm strums. Cheers to the best season:

On his latest single, he shared: “I don’t know what you guys got going on in the mainland, but back on Oahu during the summer time we got all these elementary kids in this program called Summer Fun. It’d at the school you just spent all year at, but with kids from all over, and you just played all day. Anyway, after watching that show on Hulu, Pen15, I thought it’d be funny to sing about some childhood memories. My first girlfriend was during Summer Fun. Talk about holdin hands and passin notes and all that haha. But once it was done, all these kids would split up and head back to their school districts. So I never really saw her after that. There was a lot of New Edition inspiration throughout this one. ‘Cool it Now’ to be specific.”

“Summer Fun” is from his upcoming debut EP Who Is Dovey?, which will be out on June 26th via Innovative Leisure.