Saint Raymond’s “Right Way Round” Is For All Of Us Who Feel Like Floating Through Life

We’re not alone

Still from Saint Raymond – Right Way Round (Official Audio) YouTube

UK artist Saint Raymond is back with a new single “Right Way Round” where he captures the feeling of floating and always being in-between things. There is an equal amount of frustration and embrace within the track that nails the ambivalence associated to such feeling. Built on foot-stomping rhythmic layers, “Right Way Round” lets Saint Raymond’s vocals unleash all the emotional heftiness as he chants “We’re not losing all control, we’re just learning how to float.” Watch lyric video below:

“‘Right Way Round’ is about feeling like you’re on the outside, like you’re floating through life and it’s making you feel alone. But the more you scratch the surface and look around you, realise that there’s a load of us who feel like we’re different, on the outside and unsure of the future and that there’s beauty in that,” explained Saint Raymond.

The track is a taste of Saint Raymond’s upcoming sophomore album, which will be released next year. Additional details will be coming soon.