SVEA Opens The Pandora Box Of Past Relationships In “All My Exes”

You’re not as guiltless as you think

Still from SVEA – All My Exes (Audio) YouTube

When it comes to past romance, we all tend to blame the other side for the breakup. But SVEA reminds us that we may as well be equally guilty for the downfall in her latest single “All My Exes.” It’s a chill pop piece where the thumping midtempo paired with her silvery vocals deliver an unfiltered admittance that there are always two sides to each story. And while this is not the story that we usually tell others and ourselves, “All My Exes” gives us that lighthearted pinch to our consciousness reminding us to maybe sorta kinda admit we also contributed to the grand finale:

Speaking of her single, the gal elaborated: “You may think you did everyone right in your past relationships, but you might as well have been the villain in their world. There are always two sides of a coin. I may have also done wrong and my ex probably doesn’t think I have been an angel in all situations.”

SVEA is of Greek descent but her musical inspiration comes from various artists across he globe. She has previously opened for Jess Glynn and collaborated with Danish artist Alexander Oscar. She’s currently working on new material.