Glassio Soundtracked Our Subway Existentialism In “Make No Mistake”


Photo: Rachel Cabitt

NY artist Glassio gives us an electronic groove titled “Make No Mistake” to dance with our existential anxiety while keeping our poker face in the subway (or whatever transportation). It’s a spinning anthem filled with meditative lyrics and blood-pumping beats that lets you pour out any anxiety clutter that may be weighing on your brain. Here’s to surviving all the chaos:

Speaking of the new single, Glassio shared:

“I was having a hard time getting out of bed towards the end of 2018 and facing everyday life. My anxiety was starting to go through the roof and daily tasks like taking the subway started to become difficult. The seed for the song came from wanting to talk about those feelings and I wanted to write a song that could get me moving. The lyrics and melody of the verse hit me out of the blue at the same time one morning while I was lying in bed and it was just there, already completed. The whole thing just unraveled very naturally and I think more than any other song on the album, it was very much written in the middle of the situation that it was about. Usually some time needs to pass before I write a song about an event, but this one was very much in the moment.”

“Make No Mistake” is from Glassio’s debut LP For The Very Last Time, which will be out on July 23rd.