Grace Gillespie Gives Us A Darwinian Observation Of Commuters In “HUH”

Indie folk

Photo: PR courtesy

Grace Gillespie gives us an objective, Darwinian observation into the human misery of commuting to work in her latest single “HUH.” It’s a song that conveys both the irony and misery of the situation while also giving us a melodic relief through its soothing strums and Grace’s silvery vocals. There is a sense of escapism within the introspection as Grace reminds us to not get dragged by the adulting responsibilities of life:

On her new single, the gal shared:

“I wrote the lyrics to ‘HUH’ whilst cycling to work and watching the miserable commuters dragging themselves to places they don’t want to be. The absurdity of the situation struck me and I momentarily saw the scene as if through the eyes of a child, asking – why do we do this to ourselves?

Of course I know why we go to work – at least I know why I go to work – but I wanted the song to shift perspective, to forget about societal rules and values and just objectively look at this weird scene of unhappy, tired humans.”