Monogem Takes Us To Eden In “Paraíso”

Electropop x R&B

Photo: Shervin Lainez

LA artist Monogem gives us a sonic slice of heaven titled “Paraíso,” a warm sun-kissed gem that makes it feel like summer equinox is with us already. Infused with the dreamy airiness of R&B and anchored by the rhythmic rush of synths, “Paraíso” gives us the sonic sugar rush we could use in our daily lives. Enjoy:

On her new single, Monogem shared: “‘Paraíso’ is a sonic break for anyone who needs it right now. Originally, I had planned to release it this summer, but with the current state of the world, it felt timely to put this out into the universe & give you a taste of paradise. It was written about a memory I had while spending time on the southern coast of Portugal two summers ago – filled with salty skin, sun kissed cheeks, and crystal blue waters. It’s also the first song I’ve written that is inspired by my background in Jazz and Bossa Nova. I want you to close your eyes and let it transport you to your happy place.”

Yes, we are in a happy place.