Bokito Taps Into The Frailty Of Human Bond In “OKOK”

Indie pop

Cover: PR courtesy

London-based collective Bokito return with a new single “OKOK” where they address the end of human bond including friendships, intimate relationships, etc. Melodically, it’s a deceitfully upbeat track where the syncopated synths and stomping euphony evoke a lighthearted tone. But once you start digesting the lyrics, “OKOK” injects you with the familiar yet unsettling moodiness that comes with ending your bond with someone. Stream below:

On their new single, Bokito’s Moses Moorhouse shared: “OKOK is about pushing people away who don’t give you exactly what you want and subsequently losing them. Be it friendships, partnerships, even family, we all have a history of doing it. Ben Jackson produced the track and did an amazing job capturing the fragility and insecurity in it. For me, this is the type of song I want to make.”

Stay tuned for more beats from the band this year.