simon a. Documents His Own Soul-Searching Journey In New EP ‘Way To Go’


Photo: PR courtesy

Hailing from London, simon a. shares his own journey of self-discovery and ultimately self-love in his new EP Way To Go, a collection of five tracks where simon opens up about his own hardships in finding himself. The tracks are smoothly-burning ballads that convey his vulnerability while also inviting us to sift through our own thoughts as we try to treat ourselves better along with simon. Stream below:

Speaking of the EP, simon shared: “Way to Go is a representation of how I talk to myself every time I think I’m not doing enough or I feel stuck. Every once in a while I fall into a spiral of looking at my goals and seeing the distance, looking at my peers and seeing their pace, and looking at myself and going ‘well, what

now?’ but I’ve learned to distance myself from that mentality. The race I’m running is one for which I set the pace, and it’s often good for me to look back, see how far I’ve come and congratulate myself on it, and then look forward with this self-encouragement. Way to Go, but I’ve still got a way to go.”

Way to Go is the follow up of simon a.’s debut EP The Open Door, which was released back in July 2018.