Sports Celebrate & Struggle With Uncertainty In “Tell You Something”

Psych rock

Photo: PR courtesy

Sports return with new single titled “Tell You Something,” a blend of psychedelic rock and synthpop funk that captures the ups and downs of uncertainty. The track specifically captures the uncertainty that exists within the communication dynamics of two people where one side might be experiencing social anxiety. It’s a social situation that we can all relate as we try to put on our best act to mask our insecurities. Stream below:

On the single, Sports’ Cale Chroniser shared:

“It’s an anthem of uncertainty. I was taught how to socialize by television, and never learned how to verbalize my feelings. I’m learning to say what’s on my mind, even when it’s uncomfortable…I’m celebrating the most ridiculously small feat just by admitting this.

There is still something dark, uncertain in the song, which is left intentionally unknown, and I guess it reflects the lingering anxiety the person on the other side of this conversation could be feeling – still waiting to hear what I have to say.”

“Tell You Something” is Sports first single in two years and a glimpse of many more to come.