Annamay Ruminates On The Road Not Taken In “Out Of Reach”


Photo: PR courtesy

“On the door you never opened / Call you never made” chants Swedish artist Annamy in her latest single “Out of Reach.” A piano-driven melody, “Out of Reach” is a soulful reflection of missed opportunities and what-if moments that are equally haunting and dreamy at the same time. Similar to Robert Frost’s “The Road Not Taken,” there is a sense of loss that Annamay captures in her track as she goes through all the small to big chances she may have let go. There is a raw honesty to her vocals, which are a rare mixture of razor-sharp edginess and silvery smoothness that cut and sweeten the emotions she deliver. With equal dose of romanticism and loneliness, “Out of Reach” is a bittersweet anthem where Annamay also offers a piano acoustic version. Enjoy:

In her own words, “Out of Reach” is “A song about lost opportunities that may arise again (if you really want them to..)…Living, loving, in solitude, longing for that special person.”

Based in Stockholm, Annamay has been making music at the age of 10 and has been making music solo for years. She now has a full band of musicians from different genres that has helped her hone her sound. Beyond music, Annamay is also a seasoned engineer in urban planning. Stay tuned for more music from the gal this year.