Brad Stank’s “She Was A Tease” Is Great For Astral Projections…Or Tanning

Risqué serenity

Photo: Kieran Riddiough

Brad Stank gives us the perfect track titled “She Was A Tease” to maximize our astral projections. It’s a soothing and steamy track that delivers the sun-kissed warmth of summer where the honeyed strings accompanying Brad’s silvery croons gives you a sense of serenity…to the point that it feels like you’re tanning somewhere in Malibu:

“My new teasy offering is perfect for pulling out your garden chair and basking in the glorious rays of the sun, or even a hot steamy bath,” Brad noted on the single. “Or maybe laying in bed readying yourself for some astral projection…”

“She Was A Tease” is from Brad’s upcoming debut album Kinky Om, which will be out on June 5th via Heist or Hit.