Guy Grogan Takes Us From Loss To Hope In New Record ‘Same Morning Light’

Indie folk

Photo: PR courtesy

Hailing from Santa Fe, Guy Grogan is an award-winning songwriter and artist who combines folk, jazz, rock, and indie elements to craft his sound. His latest record Same Morning Light reflects on rediscovering hope from loss by crafting an introspective ambience. The opener, “Same Morning Light” positions us in a state of loss where Guy floods us with string-powered riffs to capture the rush of despair we feel during such situations. Yet, he reminds of “another morning, the same old light” that we will keep finding the next day.

The second track, “The Wind Will Blow Us Home,” is a breezy, buoyant piece where the choruses are embedded within the gauzy percussions, leaving us with a sense of renewal. In “Stay on Fire,” Guy opts for a more laidback approach as he admits. That “Sometimes you don’t live through the things you survive / somehow you just learn to stay on fire.” It’s an eccentric approach towards loss where Guy invites us to adapt to loss as a survival mechanism. In “Couldn’t Live Without,” he taps into our tendency to deny any threatening change towards our ‘norm,’ a piece that applies to our current pandemic world.

In “When It’s True,” Guy weaves us with glimmering strings that yield an atmosphere of dreamy moodiness where he illustrates the sense of being haunted by the past. The following piece “Which Only Life” has a poppier feel to it where we get nestled between a groovy interplay between drums and strings as we daydream about an alternative life. From this chill soundscape, we get transitioned into a breakneck sonic sphere in “Better Off” where Guy reminds us that “With everything that you gain there’s a loss.”

There’s a Western edginess in “Low Tide Skeletons,” a ballad that reflects on the inevitable loneliness that comes with at the verge of heartbreak. “You trade on your love / Cos you know you’re nearing the end” he croons over the echoing guitar strings. But Guy quickly pulls us out of heartache in “Back to the Sunrise,” an optimistic track where the gliding tune alongside Guy’s crispy vocals radiate the hope that we find “through all the wreckage.” He further goes on building this feeling of newfound hope in “A Chance to Keep Today,” an acoustic piece where he reminds us to see the bigger picture.

The final piece “Not Your Hero” is a dark piece where the slowcore tune lets us digest the end of a relationship while also nudging us to move on. “Yeah I’m not your hero / but I can’t be your ghost” he chants. The song doesn’t necessarily apply to a love relationship, but with anything that we’ve had an emotional bond with and can no longer be part of our lives. Same Morning Light is an album that ruminates on the loss of familiar – whether that’s love, lifestyle, work, etc. – and re-finding a new sense of hope to move on from it.

Same Morning Light was released independently on May 17th of this year.