Katherine Abbott’s “Lullaby For Lucas” Is An Ethereal Treat

Indie folk

Photo: PR courtesy

UK artist Katherine Abbott takes us into the ethereal soundscape with her latest single “Lullaby for Lucas” where she delivers a message of forgiveness. Characterized by glinting guitars and soothing moodiness, “Lullaby for Lucas” is a bittersweet piece that infuses you with a sense of serenity where Katherine uses minimalism that lets her voice be the principal emotional drive. Stream below:

Inspired by a man named Lucas whom she met at Camino de Santiago, Abbott commented: “Lucas was an opera singer in Vienna but had lost his voice and had taken to living a nomadic existence. We had a jam in a bar one night and he tried to sing but his voice just came out as this croak which brought him to tears.”

Abbott is planning to hit the road in 2021, so keep calm and stay safe.