Kite’s “Teenage Bliss” Is An Ode To Forgettable & Unforgettable Nights

New wave x pop

Photo: Milkdrop Studio

Swedish duo Kite teams up with producer Blanck Mass (Benjamin John Power) in their new single “Teenage Bliss,” a new wave piece that pulls our nostalgia strings for all those youthful nights that we remember and forgot. Sprinkled with the rhythmic details of pop intricacies, “Teenage Bliss” breathes into your system with 90s swagger as the duo chant about the rush and naivete of all the nocturnal odyssey you get to live with your friends. Stream below:

“When we started Kite the band F*** Buttons were a big source of inspiration to us. Since then we have been following Benjamin John Powers brilliant music as Blanck Mass. We are now extremely excited to announce that we are working on the production of two new Kite tracks with him,” shared the duo.

Keep Kite under your radar for more beats.