NZCA LINES Takes Us Into The Incessant Cycle Of Toxic Romance In “Prisoner Of Love”

And it’s addictive as it is guilty

Photo: Aleksandra Kingo

NZCA LINES, aka the solo project of Michael Lovett, returns with a new single “Prisoner of Love,” a disco pop piece where NZCA LINES pokes our most vulnerable and guilty part of our consciousness. Lyrically, “Prisoner of Love” taps into that toxic, repetitive cycle of shitty romance that we’re very much guilty of indulging. Maybe you’ve never suffered through one, but you did daydream about it:

On his new single, he shared: “This song is about the cycle of heartbreak and dependency within a relationship that isn’t working, a constant motion of being pushed away and sucked back in. Both people could be doing this, each at the mercy of the other’s emotions – unable to move forward yet unable to step away, the cycle repeats itself.”

“Prisoner of Love” is from his upcoming record Pure Luxury, which will be out on July 10th. NZCA LINES will also be hosting a virtual album release party with other surprises TBA.