Yuto. Nailed Our C+ Money Management Skills In “Apple & Peach” Ft. BOY SODA

And we’re laughing and crying at the same time

Photo: Connor Holt

If you’re having a financial crisis on top of your existential one, then Yuto.’s “Apple & Peach” ft. BOY SODA is just right for you. It’s a mad blend of EDM and hip-hop music that makes your economical distress sound like a twerk-ready excuse to hit the dancefloor (aka your bedroom in this pandemic era). Syndey artist BOY SODA shoots us with bullet-like choruses that hit us where it hurts the most – yes, we suck at handling money and absolutely wish to have even more money so we can continue with our bad habits without feeling guilty:

“We wrote, recorded & mixed this song super quickly at our home studio in Melbourne. After working with BOY SODA on our previous single ‘Hazy’, we were really keen to work with him again so we sent him the demo for ‘Apple & Peach’. He got back to us pretty much straight away and he absolutely nailed it,” shared the Aussie duo Yuto.

BOY SODA went on to add, “The song to me was a fun way to look at my horrific money management skills through a funny story line haha. We’ve all thought at some point ‘If only money grew on trees’ because financial stress is the worst and I wanted to look at it in a light way.”

“Apple & Peach” is available everywhere now.