J Laser (Former M83) Announces Debut EP

Check out “Sunshine” and “Orpheus”

Still from J. Laser – Sunshine (Official Video)

LA-based artist J Laser (former member of M83) has announced his upcoming self-titled debut EP today. The five track record will be arriving on June 26th and will include his previous singles “Sunshine” and “Orpheus,” which you can enjoy below:

On his upcoming EP, he shared:

“My goal was to create a continuous bath of psychedelic sound, some of it ethereal and pleasant and other moments dark and foreboding, just like the many states of the mind. While recording, I looked for sounds that would transport me to altered states and fantasy realms as my starting point for each track. Lyrically I wanted to mirror the philosophical and spiritual ideas I was studying. This EP was ignited by a deep dive into esoteric and arcane spirituality along with a new metaphysical belief in the transformative power of sound.”