Parker’s New Video “Superhuman” Is The World We Wished We Lived In

It’s magical

Photo: Tim Kling (Kling Creative)

Parker injects us with 80s electropop wave with her latest single “Superhuman,” a bold meditative piece that addresses overcoming anxiety and sleepless nights. The video, created with Parker’s long-time audio and visual. Collaborator Hans Van Vilet, was made with the game engine Unity and draws influences from 80s cinema. It’s a trip to another dimension that we all wished we lived in right now:

On her single, Parker shared: “‘Superhuman’ is about being brave, facing your fears and evolving,” explained Parker.  “I wrote it in response to developing anxiety and insomnia a few years ago.  Dealing with the challenges led me on a journey of self-discovery. I learned meditation techniques and developed a fitness/health practice that brings me to today feeling superhuman.  Overcoming my worst fears and facing my problems head on wasn’t easy but it’s given me the gumption to tackle anything that challenges me.”

Parker will be livestreaming her single launch shows next month via Facebook live:

7/2 – Facebook Live @ 8pm Electronic Show

7/16 – Facebook Live @ 8pm Acoustic Show