Grizzly Coast’s “End Of The Night” Is An Ode To Live Music

We miss it

Photo: PR courtesy

Toronto-based artist Grizzly Coast channels the euphoria of live music in her latest single “End of the Night,” a tribute to those late nights of sweating, dancing, and crying our hearts out. The track is a starry-eyed, upbeat soundscape where the sizzling strings and gauzy synths yield a rush of nocturnal bliss. If you miss hitting venues, this is for you:

“My new single, ‘End of the Night,’ was inspired by many long nights out in the Toronto music scene, having fun at shows and forgetting about whatever happened that week. I’ve got social anxiety – so I’ve always been a bit averse about going to parties, but finding the music community provided me with a bedrock of cool people that I had a lot in common with and was excited to see all the time,” shared the gal.

The track is from Grizzly Coast’s upcoming EP Party of One, which is still in the works.