Kidsmoke’s “Layla’s Love” Is Great For Imaginary Conversations

Shoegaze pop


If you’ve made more imaginary friends this year than you did during your entire childhood, then join the club. As part of your induction ceremony, here’s Kidsmoke’s “Layla’s Love,” a shoegazy pop piece that feels perfect for any kind of romantic and heartbreaking conversation with your imaginary partners. Lyrically, it taps into the what-if moments that we all encounter in any kind of relationship. Enjoy:

On the new single, vocalist/guitarist Lance shared: “I’m a big fan of Prefab Sprout* and love the way they utilise the male/female vocals; a dream-like section, when the main character is having an imaginary conversation with ‘Layla’ is my favourite moment on the album.”

The track is from the band’s upcoming album A Vision in the Dark, which will be out on June 19th.

*Prefab Sprout are British pop band from the 80s