RINSE Explores The Insomniac World Of Anxiety In “Trust In Me”

And it’s a trippy wonderland

Photo: PR courtesy

Brisbane artist RINSE, aka Joe Agius, has shared his video for “Trust In Me,” a trippy psychedelic piece where he explores anxiety that haunts us during the most vulnerable hours of the night. “Trust In Me” invites us into the dancefloor while also nestling our minds into an introspective state where we get drenched with loneliness and desire to snap out of that funk. Watch below:

“I wrote it as a bit of a challenge to see what I could achieve with that limitation, and how I could sonically build and tear down a wall of sound in a way that felt quite dance-y and pop,” he explained. “Lyrically it’s about sleepless, middle-of-the-night fever dreams of anxiety and loneliness and needing somebody to pull you out of that feeling.”

Stay tuned for more beats from RINSE this year.