Sam The Astronaut Nestle Us Between Pain & Gain In “Midnight Carlight”

To break up or not to break up

Photo: Libby Olson

Canadian duo Sam The Astronaut (aka Garrison Johnson and TJ Gibson) addresses the tricky emotional dilemma of ending a relationship or not in their new single “Midnight Carlight.” It’s a moody electropop piece peppered with the misty elements of R&B and glossed with echoing choruses that capture the emotional intensity of the situation. You kinda feel stuck, but at the same time feel guilty if you give up – it’s a double-edged sword:

On the single, the duo shared: “The song is about feeling trapped in a relationship and the doubt that comes from that. If it’s harder than the last one, why should the relationship continue? What’s the gain when there is so much pain? It’s the frustration of wanting something so bad, but it’s continually getting harder.”

“Midnight Carlight” is from the duo’s upcoming sophomore album, which is still in the works.