DYLYN Rocks Out Our Lungs With “Call Me What You Want”

Your new no-fucks-to-give anthem

Photo: PR courtesy

Rocker DYLYN has been spending the current quarantine in some rural place outside of Toronto where she made demonic masks for her bandmembers while blasting Black Sabbath. You can admire her deliberate craft of mask-making in her latest video “Call Me What You Want,” a rockin banger that spins your adrenalines through the roof while letting your lungs pour out any frustrations, curse words, and favorite lyrics wherever you are. Enjoy:

“‘Call Me What You Want’ is a who gives a fuck what anyone thinks of you, drive down the highway singing at the top of your lungs with the music blasting kind of song,” shared DYLYN.

Cheers to running out of fucks to give.

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