Psychic Shakes Captures The Pains Of Shitty Jobs In “Wage Slave”

It’s a rite of passage

Photo: Courtesy of Good Eye Records

Part of growing up involves shitty jobs…a crapload of them. Brighton-based artist Psychic Shakes recounts the pains and tragedy of taking entry-level, min wage, or part-time positions in his latest single “Wage Slave.” It’s indie pop that chills at a downtempo while Psychic Shakes reflects on the gradual soul-killing routine while surviving through hope. We all had (or currently experiencing) that phase:

“I’ve done so many crappy jobs trying to make ends meet- one highlight was power washing bird shit off a veranda in the rain. I wrote ‘Wage Slave’ after leaving a job as a ‘grill chef’ for a small burger restaurant in Brighton during my first year of University. I used to come home from work and smell so awful my girlfriend wouldn’t want to sit near me, I smelled like sweat and oil.

While you’re working in those sorts of jobs all you can think about is the future and what you’re going to do when your shift finishes.”

“Wage Slave” is from Psychic Shakes’ upcoming EP Unsaid, which will be out later this year via Good Eye Records.