The Lagoons Reflects On Family Transitions In “So Did I”

Indie pop

Photo: PR courtesy

LA-based duo The Lagoons dissects family transitions in their latest single “So Did I” where they takes us from parental love to partner love that eventually transforms into family. Injecting us with a steady dose of smooth riffs and gauzy air, “So Did I” is a starry-eyed and subtly moody introspection of how the meaning of family evolves. Stream below:

On the new single, the duo shared: “‘So Did I’ is a love song about the strength of the connection between a mother and a daughter versus the strength of the love of two partners. It’s about the transition of growing up and finding someone to create your own family with – leaving home, finding love, and the evolution of that happening all over again.”

The track is from the duo’s upcoming album Midnight Afternoon, which will be released on June 23rd.