The Zolas Tap Into The Delusion Of Control In “Energy Czar”

“How’d we get so far / Only floating through this life?”

Artwork: Artist courtesy

Canadian act The Zolas dives into the delusional nature of control in their latest single “Energy Czar,” an alternative piece peppered with psychedelic elements that send you a kaleidoscopic rush. “She gonna break us like a dirty habit / Can you blame her? No” chant The Zolas. Lyrically, “Energy Czar” taps into the power dynamics between humans and mother nature, where the band reminds us that we’ve never held any form of power. Watch the lyric video below:

On the new single, The Zolas’ singer Zach Gray shared: “The name ‘Energy Czar’ came before the song itself. I wanted to write something about our delusions of domination over nature. How with climate change Mother Earth is starting to remind us that we’re not in charge here and never were.”

“Energy Czar” is the follow up of the band’s 2016 Swooner, which hit #2 on Canadian Alt Chart. The band will also be releasing a series of Wong Kar-Wai-inspired lyric vignettes with each release. “We’ve been fans of Wong Kar-Wai for years, especially his punkier 90s movies like Fallen Angels, and had always chatted socially with the Amazing Factory guys about doing something together one day that paid homage to that vibe.”