Mila Nile’s “Cranes” Is For All Of Us Caught Between Two Homes

To modern fellow nomads out there

Artwork: Mila Nile Facebook

If you’re a present-day nomad who is torn between two homes, then Mila Nile’s “Cranes” is your new life track. The Swedish artist, who is currently based in Sydney, captures that feeling of struggling to be present in two places where part of her life belongs to one place while a part of her feels at home in another place. Soaring over the stretchy beats, Mila’s vocals channel both the loneliness, homesickness, and confusion that any modern nomad experiences:

On the new single, Mila shared: “Written 30,000 feet above ground on a flight between my mother country of Sweden and my apartment in Sydney’s inner west, ‘Cranes’ laments the constant struggle of being split between two homes on the opposite sides of the world.”

“Cranes” is from Mila’s upcoming EP, which is set to release in July. Stay tuned.